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Property Letting Photography

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Property Letting Photography

Property Letting Photography is about telling a story interestingly enough, with photographs, so that those that look at it can visualise themselves in the scene. Professional Photographs stands out online and makes a difference in the interest a potential guest/client takes and converts easier into a booking than unprofessional photographs of a otherwise wonderful holiday accommodation.


There is a difference in photographing a Property for Holiday Letting as opposed to photographing a Property For Sale.
The key differences are: If you are selling a property, you are selling the space – architectural design, size, layout and features of the rooms, but for a holiday letting it is about the styling – the design, décor, furnishings and location.


There is just 20 seconds or even less for your photos to make an impression and let a viewer click on it before they lose interest and continue to the next rental. It is vital to ensure your photos do their job properly, get the best images for your holiday letting.
Your photos have to sell your property and convince visitors that this is the perfect place to enjoy the best possible stay for their holiday. 
For calculated results hire a professional photographer to take the photographs. The quality of photos taken with professional photography equipment and a skilled eye will always be better than any photos taken otherwise.


Think of the cost in terms of additional bookings – if the difference lies in having professional images to secure extra bookings then the long-term benefit will more than compensate for the cost of hiring a professional photographer to do your Property Letting Photography.


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