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Photography Service

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Photography Service

Telling Your Story Through Pictures

The world’s geographical design, the artificial structures, the living things, and different types of events such as anniversaries, weddings, memorials, etc. are in themselves pictures that deserve to be taken and remembered for a lifetime.

Charel Schreuder Photography Service is at the forefront of capturing these images for the world to see, appreciate, remember, and hold dear. In all these, there are underlying fundamental factors that underpin authenticity, beauty, allure, and the impeccable impression that photographs are supposed to have in order to convey reality in captions.

Professionalism is Key

Professionalism in photography equals perfection. Charel Schreuder Photography Service offers professional photography services that will give you captivating pictures with professional captions to showcase memories tell a story or convey messages that you need to be put across.

To offer cutting-edge services, we have invested in the latest equipment and career progression enrichment measures through constant skills enrichment refreshers. This enables Charel Schreuder Photography Service to have consistent quality across the photography fields of photojournalism, portraiture, landscapes, travel, people, animals, and so much more.

World Coverage is Possible

Charel Schreuder Photography Service has coverage of picturesque South Africa. However, our scope is much wider and can be stretched to the international scene depending on your needs. Therefore, if your career or trade can be boosted through the presentation of a global career such as in the case of travel services, we can ensure that you get unique images to entice your prospective clients by showing who you are, what you do, where you are, and how different you are from your competitors.

Passion and Skills are Essential

In photography, the contribution of passion and skills are inseparable. This means that a photographer has to be passionate about photography and have the necessary skills. The absence of any of the two aspects can greatly affect the quality of photography. At Charel Schreuder Photography Service, we have a passion for photography and critical skills. This enables us to step into your shoes, see through your lenses and deliver to you what you want. In this regard, we are experts in giving your photographs the “wow factor” and the presentability that wins awards.

The Genre is Limitless

Charel Schreuder Photography Service offers photography services that can be used in;

  • The creation of documentaries
  • The creation of personal and corporate portfolios
  • Designing travel memories
  • Creating images for re-enacting action memories
  • Showing real people
  • Showcasing animals

Let Charel Schreuder Photography Service capture the realities that you want to remember in their finer details.


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