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Property Letting Photography

Property Letting Photography is about telling a story interestingly enough, with photographs, so that those that look at it can visualise themselves in the scene. Professional Photographs stands out online and makes a difference in the interest a potential guest/client takes and converts easier into a booking than unprofessional photographs of a otherwise wonderful holiday …

Seascape | Charel Schreuder Photography

Seascape Photography

Seascape Photography Seascape Photography requires a bit of an artistic vision to be able to compose an image that projects the photographers confidence in the composition. Let’s face it, the sea has many moods and angles but not all makes a picture. Join a Seascape Photography Tour…. A Seascape image should trigger the imagination in a …

Bird Photography | Charel Schreuder

Bird Photography

Action Bird Photography Action Bird Photography requires patience and a certain level of understanding……understanding that there is nothing that you can do to make it happen. It is all about patience and mostly luck…. Camera settings is vital and will increase your success rate to a degree, a very small degree. Join a Photography Tour to improve your …

Professional Photographer Charel Schreuder

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer Charel Schreuder Telling Your Story Through Pictures The world’s geographical design, artificial structures, living things and different types of events are in themselves pictures that deserve to be taken and remembered for a lifetime. Professional Photographer Charel Schreuder is at the forefront of capturing images for the world to see, appreciate, remember, and …