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Travel, Nature, Wildlife, Action, People and Project Photographer

Photography Service

What I can do for you……

Photography Service isn’t just about taking a photograph, the photographer has to understand what a client really needs and then help to achieve it by combining the required elements visually in a favourable and positive way.

It is essential to portray requirements in a unique way. The Professional Photographer has to get the right image irrespective of genre, that fulfills a client’s vision.  

With my knowledge of photography and experience, the most important thing I can offer you is perfectionism and dedication to your project.  I am a good listener and once I have noted your requirements, I will know how to make it work to your satisfaction.

I am a photographer, I thrive on a challenge.

My consultations are free, so if you have a project in mind, let’s talk.

Photography Service

I specialise in Photography – travel, people, product, tourism, and a broad range of other disciplines. Visit my Portfolio to see what I photograph.

The greater the challenge the more satisfying the results.

I am in possession of current international travel documents which are perfect for International travel assignments, short notice or planned.

Photography Tours

If you have a project to be photographed in specific conditions or areas in Southern Africa, let me know what the requirements are and we can take it from there…… as I said, consultations are free.

Arrangements and bookings for International Photography Tours are made in conjunction with a designated Travel Agent/Consultant. Please CONTACT us for details.